Jan Svejkovský (*1974)
2nd Choir Master

After graduating from the Prague Conservatory, where he studied violin with Mr. Pavel Kudelásek (1994) and conducting with Mrs. Miriam Němcová (1998), Jan Svejkovský continued his studies of conducting at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague with Professors František Vajnar and Radomil Eliška, while simultaneously studying sound engineering with Professors Jaroslav Smolka and Jaroslav Rybář.    
In 2002-2005, Jan Svejkovský conducted the Prague Philharmonic Choir, appearing at a number of international festivals such as the Salzburger Festspiele, the Prague Spring, the Ruhr Triennial, the Three Days Plus, the Lombardia Europa Musica, the Prague Premieres, the Autumn Festival of Church Music, or the Music Forum. He is particularly interested in the music of contemporary composers.
At present, Jan Svejkovský also teaches at the Pardubice Conservatory. As sound engineer, he has many published CDs to his credit, as well as numerous live concert recordings, including the Czech Philharmonic performing at the Prague Premieres Festival. For a number of years he has been active as a part-time sound engineer at the Czech Radio, where he took part in the production of radio competitions Concertino Praga and Concerto Bohemia; in both cases he contributed to the events also as their dramaturg.